Recycled Okamura Contessa 2 Task


The Sylphy Office Chair by Okamura was designed with the understanding that all people are different shapes. This is achieved by measuring the waist of 100 people to develop the unique back curve adjustment. This helps the Sylphy Chair to accommodate all body types and attain a more personalised comfort support for the back, while a narrow curve suits a small stature and a gentler curve to fit larger builds.

The Okamura Sylphy Task Chair’s backrest also features a hovering frame that induces a slight flex that allows the user freedom of movement while still supporting the S curvature of the spine.

The seat pad of the Sylphy Work Chair emphasizes a 3D curve to enclose the hips and provide more comfort by incorporating three different stages of densities. The front of the seat provides a softer feel and reduces pressure on the thighs, while the back is firmer to support the hips.

The Okamura Sylphy features:

  • Adjustable backrest curve with a lever.
  • Adjustable seat height and depth with levers.
  • Optional fixed armrests or adjustable armrests with height, depth and angle adjustments.
  • Synchronising seat and backrest reclining control with locking and unlocking dial that also offers a forward tilt position.

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The Okamura Contessa II Seconda Task Chair is an update of the 2002 original Contessa. The Contessa II combines Japanese precision engineering and technology to reimagine the seating for the current demands of the modern office.

The award-winning Okamura Contessa 2 Seconda has already won the Red Dot award 2017, Good Design award 2017 and the German Design Award Special Mention 2018. This is because of the redesign of the backrest for a slimmer and flexible appearance that will follow the contour of the body. The seat is now made a single structure for increased balance and better weight distribution.

The Okamura Contessa Seconda Chair also features:

  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Adjustment for tilt tension
  • Adjustable armrest height, width, depth and angle.