Recycle Your Furniture


We make recycling easy!


At Over2Hills we are aware of all the regulations that cover waste generated by businesses, and redundant office furniture is no different. Once your collection has been arranged, we will bring your furniture back to our Cleckheaton recycling centre where it will be sorted and assessed. Our primary goal is to re-use the product through one of several options depending on the product’s condition and desirability.

The vast majority of our recycled products are donated to local charities and not-for-profit organisations for use in their own workspaces or to raise funds through resale.


We also provide you with an e-paper trail to enable you to record the amount of furniture we dispose of on your behalf and issue a recycling certificate.

Our service is available for single consignments as well as large and very large disposals.

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How It Works


What we recycle:

Any furniture items…….basically anything not fixed to the floor we can recycle! We have recycled some very random items from Skeletons to Laboratory Fume Cabinets which we upcycled into a Coffee Bar Counter for our re-use network.

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